Sample List of Writing Tasks

Initial Work:
Character Sketches
Begin Plot
Finish Plot
Compose Full Outline
Create Map
Create Timeline

Writing & Editing:
Set Word Count per day
Write First Draft
Write Synopsis
Edit via Program or App
Write Book Description
Send to Alpha Readers
Revise again
Send to Editor
Incorporate Edits & Revisions
Send to Beta Readers
Revise/Edit again
Send to Proofreader
Final Pass Before Format

Traditional Route:
Submit to Agent
Submit to Publisher
Track Submissions & Followups
Galley Edits
Research Cover Artists
Order Cover: eBook / Print
Create Cover
Finalize Cover
Schedule Cover Reveal

Formatting: Format eBook (Self)
Send to Formatter
Galley Edits
Format Print (Self)
Inspect Finals
Upload Files for Pre-order

Before Release:
Contact Reviewers
Develop Marketing Plan
Sale on Backlist
Send Updates to Newsletter
Update Website
Write/Send Press Release

Marketing Plan Ideas:
Research Email Services
Order Promotional Material
Contact Advertisers
Compose Ad Copy
Buy/Create Ad Images
Create Images with Quotes from MS
Create Interactive Genre Memes
Schedule Ads
Schedule Social Media Posts
Update Backmatter Buy-links
Upload Final Files
Claim Title: Author Central/Bookbub
Cross Promotion with other Authors
Schedule Reader Contests

Release Day Events:
Release Day Newsletter Push
Facebook/IG/Twitter Party
Reader Giveaway Contest

Add Your Own Tasks:

Suggestions for Increasing Productivity

  • Dictation
  • Listening to music with a steady, driving beat
  • Brain FM
  • Daily Meditation
  • Regular Exercise (yes, really)
  • Battling depression, anxiety, or insomnia? Check out the Fisher Wallace Stimulator (a non-drug solution, but very expensive.)

Suggestions for Developing a Morning Ritual
  • Exercise/Stretching/Yoga
  • Journaling
  • Meditation/Prayer/Silence
  • Affirmations and/or Gratitude List
  • Look over your daily planner
  • Visualization of your goals
  • Reading for Self-improvement
  • Daily Tarot Reading (develops your intuition)
  • Tracking your habits to see what works for you, what doesn’t, and changing when needed.

Like the above list and want a copy? Click here for the downloadable PDF.